5 Steps to Overcome Math Anxiety for Students of All Ages

Math can be intimidating, and for many students, it can even cause anxiety. The good news is that there are ways to combat math anxiety so that you can become more confident in your math skills. Here are five steps you can take to overcome your math anxiety.

Talk to Yourself Positively – Negative self-talk is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to math anxiety. You may be telling yourself things like “I’m not good at this” or “I’m never going to understand this concept”. Instead, try talking to yourself positively by saying something like “I am capable of understanding this” or “I will figure this out with practice”. This positive self-talk will help you stay motivated and focused on learning the material instead of worrying about how hard it is.

Take a Deep Breath –When we get anxious, our breathing becomes shallow and rapid which only adds to our feelings of panic and overwhelm. Taking a few deep breaths will help slow down your heart rate and give you a moment to refocus on the task at hand rather than your anxieties surrounding it.

Break It Down – If a problem seems overwhelming or too difficult, break it down into smaller parts that are easier to digest and understand. When you tackle one step at a time, each individual step is much less daunting than the entire problem as a whole.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask for Help – While some people may be afraid of asking for help because they feel like they should know the answer, asking questions if you're stuck on something helps make sure that you really understand the material before moving on from it. If there is someone available who can answer your questions (like a teacher or tutor), don't hesitate to reach out!

Remember That There Is No Shame in Making Mistakes – Everyone makes mistakes when learning something new -it's part of the process! Feeling ashamed about making mistakes can lead to feeling discouraged which could further increase your math anxiety so try not think too harshly about yourself if you make an error while trying something new; just remember that everyone makes mistakes and it's ok!

Math doesn't have to be scary! Using these five steps can help any student overcome their math anxiety so that they feel more confident in their skills and abilities when tackling mathematical problems and equations of all kinds! With time, patience, practice, and dedication anyone can become proficient in mathematics -you just have to believe in yourself!