Evaluate: (-14+i)-(-12-11i)

Expression: $\left( -14+i \right)-\left( -12-11i \right)$

Remove unnecessary parentheses

$-14+i-\left( -12-11i \right)$

When there is a $-$ in front of an expression in parentheses, change the sign of each term of the expression and remove the parentheses


Calculate the sum


Collect like terms


Write the complex number in absolute value bars


Use $|a+bi|=\sqrt{ {a}^{2}+{b}^{2} }$ to calculate the modulus

$\sqrt{ {\left( -2 \right)}^{2}+{12}^{2} }$

Simplify the expression

$\begin{align*}&2\sqrt{ 37 } \\&\approx12.16553\end{align*}$